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NetMission: An initiative to spread knowledge


The NetMission Academy is an initiative wherein various online sessions are designed to impart knowledge and interaction skills to the youth and equip them to participate in Internet Policymaking. There are a total of 10 workshops of 1.5 hours each (2 pre-training, 7 training and a closing ceremony). In each of these engaging sessions, expert will speak on the selected topic.
This interaction is not one-sided; the participants will be divided into several groups wherein a specific group will be assigned to research on the topic of the day and host the session. We are looking for young talents with a vision, with a perspective, who actually want to bring a change for a better tomorrow. We anticipate a positive contribution from every selected participant. All students enrolled in institutions within the Asia Pacific are eligible for participation. This program belongs to you if you’re intrigued by the impact of internet on our lives.
Individuals who are really serious and interested about internet governance will be offered chances to advance further once the program is completed. Fellow participants who graduate from our academy will become NetMission Ambassadors and get chance to work with other alumni of the organization. Several youth events, workshops and conferences will be organized for the teams to work together with the aim of an ideal internet governance. All the information regarding it is available here on 2023recruitment.com.

Important Dates

9th Sept 2022Online Application Begins
6th Nov 2022Online Application Closes
7th -18th Nov 2022Online Application Review
21st-24th Nov 2022Group Interview Period
1st Dec 2022Result Announcement
Dec 2022Pre-Training Webinars
Jan-Feb 2023Training Period & Closing Ceremony
24th Feb 2023Become NetMission Ambassadors

Program Timeline

15th Dec 2022Orientation Webinar
22nd Dec 2022Pre-training Preparation Webinar
5th Jan 2023Internet Governance Ecosystem & Internet Infrastructure
12th Jan 2023Access & Empowerment
19th Jan 2023Human Rights Online
26th Jan 2023Cybersecurity, Privacy &
Safer Internet
2nd Feb 2023Digital Economy andEmerging Technologies
9th Feb 2023Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability on the Internet &
Internet Governance
16th Feb 2023ICANN Policies
23rd 2023Closing Ceremony

Becoming NetMission Ambassadors

After all the workshops are completed, the really passionate and visionary individuals can become part of the NetMission network as Ambassadors. Participation in the community events, committee meetings and working groups will be highly appreciated.

Joining Our Working Groups: Every group member will be given the liberty to act according to their goals and their vision. They can then opt for policymaking processes, education content and initiative organizations. 

Become an Event Organizing Committee Member: NetMission Ambassadors enjoy lot of importance at the regional internet governance campaigns. They can apply for the leadership roles and hosting activities in the organizing body. The organizing committees will be formed through different processes for different events.

Submit Workshop Proposals: Programs like ICANN, IGF, APrIGF and APIGA entertain submission of workshop proposals by the NetMission alumni every year. In this way, we play our parts in supporting different initiatives in regional as well as global levels.

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